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Top Seven Delicious Indian Food Items That You Must Taste Even If You are Not A Foodie

Food is the ingredient that binds people together, irrespective of culture, religion or region. And this is even true in a country like India, where people not only love good food but has turned it into a major business as well. If it is indeed delicious, Indians are always willing to give it a try. This is perhaps the reason that they have so heartily embraced cuisines from countries like Italy, USA, China, Nepal and Tibet, and have rendered these a unique Indian touch.

Let’s take a look at seven such yummy food items, a plateful of which most Indians find hard to resist:



This flat bread pie made of dough tastes awesome with generous topping of savoury tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella cheese, fresh vegetables, and crispy chicken. You can try the topping with other items of your choice. Take a bite of this divinely delicious triangle and you feel like having more. No wonder, Julia Roberts said in the movie Eat, Prey Love, “I am in love, I’m having a relationship with my pizza.”

Popular restaurant chains like Dominos, Pizza Corner, and Pizza Hut, have reinvented this Italian cuisine to appeal to food lovers. This delicious food item has fascinated Indians the most and has become a hot favourite among kids and the young generation.

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It is a type of sandwich made of sliced bread roll with chicken, cheese, mayonnaise and vegetable stuffing. The burger with all its healthy ingredients makes for a great breakfast item. Remember the day you took the first bite of a cheese burger and the tasty sauce oozes onto your fingers. That was the day your love story with burger started!

Wimppy burger

Talk of burger and the name McDonald immediately comes to mind.  This American fast food chain has enticed Indian food lovers’ taste buds with some unique burger recipes.  If you haven’t tasted McDonald’s McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, McAloo Tikki, or McSpicy Chicken then you are surely missing something in life!

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Ice Cream

Ice Cream Paisacube

This sweetened frozen delicacy is served as dessert or snack. Ask any ice cream lover and he/she would opine that ‘any time is ice cream time.’ As you take a bite of your favourite ice cream, you feel refreshed, totally forgetting the stress of the day. Though the research says that ice cream tastes so good cause of high fat and flavourings but does it really matter when it comes to savouring your favourite flavour!

“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream that is almost the same thing”, Yes, Indians believe that truly. Hence you can find so many ice cream brands in India who have mastered the art of creating their own distinct ice cream flavour and taste. Few popular names are Vadilal, Nirula, Amul, Kwality Walls, Baskin Robbins and the like.



It’s really tough to shortlist the best sweets available in India as the list can go on and on. Mithai or Sweets are delicious Indian desserts typically made of milk, sugar or unripe curd cheese. Sometimes, ghee, almond, spiced cardamom, nutmeg, pistachios are also used in the preparation.

The recipe and taste of sweets in India vary as per region or location. Sweets like Badam Halwa, Jalebi, Srikhand, Gulab Jamun, and Sahi Tukda, are the specialities of North India. In the Southern part you will find Coconut Barfi, Vatalla appam, Unniappam, Boondi Laddu, Mysore Pak, Sweet Pongal, etc. Visit the East to taste lip-smacking delicacies like Shondesh, Chomchom, Roshogolla, Pantua, Rasmalai, Chhanar Jilipi, Mishti Doi, Nalengurer Sandesh, Langcha, Shor Bhaja, etc.

Paani puri or Gol Gappe

pani puri

Mostly available at chaat shops or sold by street vendors, this edible paper-thin fried crisp dough balls (puri) filled with sweet, sour and spicy flavoured water (paani), simply explodes inside your mouth and overwhelms your taste buds like never before. While the water tastes tangy and sour that spiciness is balanced by adding sweet tamarind chutney. Hence the divine taste. Then it is the secret recipe of every street vendor or chaat shop, the way they balance the chaat masaala and other ingredients; that surely helps in providing a distinct taste to the paani puri. Try one gol gappe and it is guaranteed you can’t stop eating one only.



A comparatively new addition to the Indian menu, Momo has won many hearts in a short time.  This traditional delicacy from Nepal has become popular simply because it is neither too spicy nor too oily. You can take your pick from chicken, meat or vegetable stuffing. Few variants of Momo commonly found in India are Steamed, Kothey, Chilly, Fried and Steam-Fried, Tandoori, etc.

Sensing its popularity, Momo is included in the menu of all reputable fast-food chains. Local eateries, restaurants and even roadside shops are now selling momos in India. However the one name that deserves special mention is Wow! Momo. This fast-food chain has contributed significantly to the growing popularity of Momo in India.

Other Chinese Food

spring rolls

Indians’ love affair with Chinese food started almost 85 years back with the opening up of the first restaurant in Kolkata. Since then Indians have embraced Chinese cuisines and given them a local touch. Many Indian-Chinese preparations that have now become household names are Chowmein, Chilli Chicken, Manchurian Chicken, Spring Rolls, American Chop Suey, Fried Rice, etc. Lots of restaurants have come up in recent years that serve Chinese preparations only. Their chefs keep experimenting with new recipes to titillate taste buds of Chinese food lovers.

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