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Incredible Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas for Your Special One

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we hope you’ve planned your Valentine’s Day gifting ideas for everyone who is special in your life. But, don’t you think that a boxful of chocolates or cookies is a traditional, boring and outdated gift? Well, we certainly think so and recommend you to try one of our many trendy and creative gifting ideas which sure won’t disappoint your special one and would make your bond even stronger.

So, let’s know more in detail about these new, in-trend and highly popular gifting ideas to gift to your Valentine or best buddy, or maybe just you!


1. Camera

Yes, with the advent of high resolution camera smartphones, the demand for this once highly-popular gadget has seen a sharp decline.

However, why think conventionally? As a matter of fact, you can gift your Valentine a good Sony or Nikon DSLR camera to crisply capture all your favorite moments together.

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2. Mobile Phones

The most valued and arguably most popular gadget in the present era is of course, a smartphone.

Why not gift your special someone a brand new iPhone X or Galaxy Note 4 or a Nokia 8? Well, all of them are pretty useful and loaded with the in-demand and required features of today such as 4G connectivity, latest mobile OS and very high resolution dual-cameras.

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3. Cakes


We hope you remember how excited you (and your friends) got, in your childhood, when you knew that your parents are gonna’ bring that lovely strawberry-flavored fresh cake on your birthday.

So, why don’t relive those cherished memories and gift a chocolate or Blackforest cake to your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?

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4. Chocolates and Flowers


For those old-fashioned and traditional people, we have a superb gift idea to gift their Valentine or special friend.

Yes, these are chocolates and flowers! Which one? Well, if you want to gift chocolates, then consider gifting a Cadbury Bournville or a Silk or maybe a big Temptations’ pack consisting of 5-Star, Dairy Milk and Gems. And for those looking for flowers, gift your buddy a rose-bouquet or a bouquet full of white Lilly.

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5. Bangles and Bracelets


Women like to wear and flaunt their jewelry. If you truly love your girlfriend or friend, then gift her pure gold 22k bracelet or a pair of artificial but high quality bangles from a leading ecommerce store or your nearby jewelry showroom who deals in branded jewelry.

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6. Rings


Rings are a special symbol of love, eternal love actually!. Rings have been used as a gift for marriage proposal and for wedding ceremonies since ages. Thus, what better can you gift to your Valentine than a pure crafted diamond ring? So, don’t think, just got for it!

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7. Earrings


Women like to wear earrings. Gifting them a pair of Gili or Tanishq brand, pure gold 24-K earring is an amazing idea and one you won’t regret and she will remember for her life.

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8. Women Handbags


Girls and women like to carry a handbag to whatever place they go and are even prepared to spend a huge amount of money on these. So, what better gift to a girl or a woman than a big-sized leather handbag of Lavie or Butterflies or any other good brand?

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9. Salwar Suits

If your girlfriend or female friend likes to wear ethnic wear or Salwar Suits, then don’t waste time. Just rush to your nearest ladies wear outlet and buy her a fashionable new LadyLoop Salwar Suit or can also order it online from Top E-commerce Store and save the hassle of going shopping with the ladies.

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10. Mobile Accessories


In today’s high-technology scenario, it is almost indispensable to not use a mobile phone. And some people are more techno-savvy than we presume them to be.

So, what’s best is to gift your Valentine a Syska, Intex or Xiomi Powerbank to charge his/her phone wirelessly, on-the-go and never let your conversations stop.

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