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How to make this Diwali special?

Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals in India. So how do you make this festival a memorable one? Let us check out 5 ways by which you can have an astounding festival this year.

1. Arrange A Pooja At Home


Diwali symbolizes positivity, health and prosperity. Pooja of Laxmi and Ganesh marks the beginning of Diwali. So, if you want a fulfilling and auspicious Diwali, arrange a Pooja at home. Diwali is a 5 day celebration which marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. It also marks the beginning of Hindu financial year; this is why the puja of Laxmi and Ganesh is so important on Diwali, who are considered to be the Goddess and God of wealth and prosperity.

2. Light Diyas And Burn Crackers


When families gather, fun and frolic is a must. Diyas and candles are lit in rows at balconies and verandahs; at every corner of the house to ensure there is no darkness. Feel the real flavor or Diwali by lighting candles (if aromatic, that’s even better). You can take your pick from beautiful hand painted diyas available in the market for this special occasion.
Now that you have completed the decoration of your home, do not forget to brighten the smile of kids. How? Arrange the burning of fireworks, crackers and rockets but be careful of the kid’s safety aspect. It is also believed that the light and sound of crackers chase away evil and bad omen from the house.

3. Invite Guests To A Feast


Any Indian festival is incomplete without a grand feast. The same rule applies to Diwali. There are special Diwali items with which you can treat your friends and closed ones. Speaking of Diwali feast, sweet items immediately come to mind. A dishful of kheer, Mysore pak, gulabjamun, rasmalai, barfi, kalakand, laddu, pere along with samosa, mathri, dahivada are must to complete the Diwali treat. For the main course you can arrange Paneer makhni, biryani, poori, pakoras, chole, masala papad and dal makhani.

4. Wear New Clothes


Indians celebrate special occasions by wearing new clothes and Diwali is no exception. It is a tradition to be in new clothes during Diwali. All online apparel stores, big brands and local shops offer great discounts during Diwali. Feel free to pick up some gorgeous outfits for Diwali celebration. While ladies can drape themselves in brocade, silk and chiffon saris, lehengas and anarkali suits, men can try sherwanis, kurta and pajamas during this occasion.
Jewelry items form an important part of Diwali attire as well. Along with colorful and vibrant apparels, get kundan, silver or gold ornaments to complete your shiny look.

5. Gift


And finally, gift shopping is a must to bring smile on the face of your loved ones. From boxes of sweets to chocolates, from jewelry to diyas and candles, you have loads of gift options to chose from, matching individual budget. If too confused, you can opt for gift vouchers also.
Gifting does not have to be just within your known circle, you can even donate clothes, food items and money to orphanages, old age homes or even coordinate with NGOs for the purpose.
Diwali is a celebration of life; it is a special event that brings in joy, laughter and colors in our lives. Try the above activities to plan a very special Diwali this time.

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