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Bring Home These Seven Items for an Auspicious Dhanteras

Festivals remain the pride of Hindu religion, as each festivity draws inspiration from the Hindu culture and tradition. Of all the popular festivals, Diwali is perhaps the one which is widely celebrated across India by people of all religion. Diwali, the joyous festival of light begins with Dhanteras. On this auspicious day Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Kuber, believed to be the treasures of wealth, are worshiped as devotees seek their blessings for prosperity, wisdom and wellness. The festival of Dhanteras is considered significant for another reason as well. Buying new things on the occasion of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious as it signifies the arrival of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth in your home.


It might sound amusing and not so religious, but Dhanteras does provide an excuse to splurge as well. This is one occasion when you can pick up a bit expensive item without feeling guilty or worrying about the angry glances of parents or husbands!
When it comes to Dhanteras purchase, gold and silver coins remain the top pick till date, provided your budget permits an expensive purchase. In case you are not ready to splurge on precious metals this year then here we have worked out a list to brighten up your Dhanteras shopping.

Gold-plated ornaments


Hit the online fashion stores and you will come across intricately designed gold-plated kundan sets, bangles, maang-tikka, pendants, anklets and much more. These exclusively designed ornaments are trendy yet traditional to complement your Diwali look. And finally there’s some consolation in that you are bringing home gold in some form or other!

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If you have been planning to buy a new car or two-wheeler then schedule it around Dhanteras. This way you can embellish your home with a new car, to invite prosperity. And most importantly you can make the purchase at much lower rate as most shops offer huge discounts during this period.

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Electrical Gadgets


There’s always a need for an electronic gadget, isn’t it? Then plan it this Dhanteras and invite affluence to your home! Visit the local electronic shop or browse online and you will find attractive offers on all types of gadgets like washing machine, television, refrigerator, microwaves, mixer-grinder, etc. Some offers come directly from the companies while some discounts are planned by the stores themselves.

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Clothes and accessories


Feel free to splurge on that gorgeous ghagra-choli, or richly colored Kanjeevaram. After all don’t you need a stunning attire to invite the goddess in your home! Many fashion shops offer discounts throughout the Dhanteras week on designer brands. Therefore getting an exclusive designer item won’t be that pricey!

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Necessary Household Items Like Utensils


Many households buy utensils only during the Dhanteras period as it is considered a great way to bring prosperity and fortune in home. Why so? Dhanteras buying is primarily associated with bringing home metal in some form and utensils fulfill that criterion and that too within limited budget. Decide the type of utensil you need beforehand as the heap of shiny kitchen items may leave you confused!

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Items related to profession


It is considered pious to buy items that relate to your business or specific profession like accounts register for a businessman, pen for a writer, brush for an artist and the like.

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Play items and accessories for kids


Invest in toys and related items that help in the kid’s growth and overall development. This can help attract god’s favor too. Make this Dhanteras very special and beautiful by buying items that bring smile on the faces of near ones, and light up the faces of ‘not-so-fortunate’ ones. Take a look at the Paisacube offers to save more on each purchase.

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