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10 Innovative Diwali Gift Ideas In A Limited Budget!

Diwali is a beautiful festival that is celebrated within India and even abroad with great enthusiasm and passion. The joyous celebration of the festival of light is not limited to a day or two. Rather the preparation starts at least a week in advance as people indulge in gift purchase for near and dear ones.


Diwali shopping therefore has become an integral part of the celebration. In fact this period is considered the biggest shopping season in India as online portals and local shops gear up with “Diwali offers”, “Special Discount”, “Exchange offers” and the like.
With so many gift options available in the market, buyers tend to get confused trying to pick up the right one. To end that confusion we bring to you 10 fascinating Diwali gift options that are attractive and reasonably priced to fit every budget.

1. Smartphone


Gone are the days when a Smartphone was afforded by the privileged class only. Nowadays the device has become a necessity and is used by the classes and the masses. If you have a reasonable budget ranging between Rs.10000 to Rs.25000 you can easily purchase the latest model with some of the best specifications and that too at Diwali special price.

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2. Notebook


Are you planning a gift for friend or employees who need to work on the go? Then a Notebook will be a useful gift for him/her. Check out the device specifications because the more features you opt for higher will be the price range. A Notebook of reputable brand with latest features will easily come within Rs.25000. Plan a bulk purchase to enjoy greater Diwali discounts.

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3. Headphone


Take your pick from some of the best over-the-ear headphones with features like high-resolution audio drivers, detachable cable with inline microphone and much more. These devices are generally priced within Rs.13000.

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If you are ready to settle for branded LED TV with basic features then the purchase won’t pinch your pocket much. Search a bit and you can easily find a 32inch HD LED TV at Rs.20000 approx. Some online stores offer stock clearance sale during this time on basic LED models.

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5. Inkjet Printers


If your college going son or daughter is spending unnecessarily on digital printing of project papers then plan an inkjet printer this Diwali. This will save a whole lot of time and cost. Some latest model inkjet printers now cost Rs.3000 to Rs.7000.

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6. Air Purifier


Considering the fact that the pollution level is jumping alarmingly, an air purifier has become a necessity for every household. Pick up an air purifier to gift a healthy lifestyle to your loved ones. You can get it around Rs.10000.

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7. Camera


You may wonder why a camera when a Smartphone serves similar purpose! Try telling this to your photographer friend and you will get an apt reply that the good-old camera has its own charm. You can buy top branded DSLR cameras within Rs.24000.

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8. Smartwatch


Your fitness-conscious friend will thank you for the gift. The best fitness trackers with stylish designs and cool features now come within Rs.24000. Plan the purchase from an online store for greater discount.

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9. Bluetooth Speaker


No need to carry the huge sound system when the wireless Bluetooth speaker serves the purpose efficiently. Party lovers will simply adore the gift. For the top brands you may need to shell out around Rs.20000.

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10. DVD Player


Sounds bit outdated? Not really! There are best branded DVD players which can upgrade regular DVDs to 1080p full-HD quality. You get it at a reasonable price of Rs.5000 approx.
Choose any of the cool gift ideas and make this Diwali a memorable one for family and friends. Browse the relevant categories in Paisacube to find latest deals and discounts on your chosen product.

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